Professional Heat Pump Repair Services for Residents in and Around the Middletown, NY Area

At Larson's Heating & Cooling, Inc, we are dedicated to providing effective and efficient heat pump repair services and customer satisfaction to residents throughout the Middletown, NY area. Because heat pumps help to produce heat and cool air to your home, it is essential that your system is functioning correctly in every season.

Routine Heat Pump Repairs

Some of the more common heat pump issues we deal with include leaking refrigerants, burned out compressors, and damaged reversing valves. Refrigerant is a chemical compound in heat pumps used to shift heat from outdoors to indoors. When a leak takes place, the heat pump is unable to provide heat to your home effectively. In this case, our technicians will come out and fix the leak and recharge the system.

Although refrigerant is essential, the compressor and the reversing valve make it possible for the entire system to function. The compressor is responsible for transporting the substance through the unit, and the reversing valve changes the direction of the chemical, determining whether it will provide heat or cool air. Once it is determined that one of these parts is not functioning properly, we will install replacements.

Emergency Heat Pump Repairs

Because we understand that certain heat pump issues need immediate attention, we also offer 24/7 emergency services. Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time if your home's temperature is below 50 degrees or above 75 degrees, the heat pump is making unusual sounds, if it has a burning smell, or if you encounter any other concerning issues.

To address your heat pump concerns, give Larson's Heating & Cooling, Inc a call today at 845-344-3030 or request a free estimate online. You can also see a range of our services by checking out our selection of quality products.